Feeding infants and young children can be challenging. The nutrition parents provide during these early years impacts children's developing food preferences and cognitive and physical growth. In today’s obesogenic environment, it is critical that caregivers help young children learn to consume healthy foods in age-appropriate portion sizes.

Many parents are looking online for advice about what and how to feed their children. Despite the ubiquity of technology and new media in the lives of modern families, very little research has examined the quality of nutrition information available to parents on the Internet, or how online resources influence parents’ feeding decisions and practices.

My research fills this gap and focuses specifically on maternal engagement with food blogs and other social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I am interested in what nutrition information parents are likely to observe on social media and how social media informs the development of parent feeding behavior. I use qualitative and quantitative methods to answer interesting and important questions that I ultimately hope will improve the health of children and families.

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