My role as an instructor is to help students establish a framework for understanding field-specific topics, develop their mastery of broadly applicable professional skills, and empower students to model decision making and behaviors that reflect the best practices in the field. 

I am particularly passionate about online and hybrid education formats. I am eager to help students attain flexibility in their education while maintaining quality training in face-to-face communication, team work, and hands-on skills.

I have in-residence and online experience as a course author, instructor, and teaching assistant. I have previously taught or TA'd the following undergraduate courses: 

  • Childhood Obesity: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions ^! 
  • Empirical Inquiry in Human Development*
  • Human Services Internship Experience*
  • Value and Ethics in Human Development and Family Studies* 
  • Sexual Identity through the Lifespan* 

I am also prepared to teach the following courses based on my formal training and research expertise:

  • Foundations of Human Centered Design
  • Consumer Health Information Behavior 
  • Mixed Methods Research Approaches 
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Development and Evaluation of Prevention and Intervention Programs 

^ Course author; ! Instructor; * Teaching Assistant